Monday, August 22, 2016

God, pls bless me a smooth happy untiring week ahead

22 aug 2016

Feelig like not enuff sleep again.
I wish for a smooth week ahead, and no weekend events ok.

I just want to chill recover.

Hope this will be a good week.

Hope 7th month ends soon.


Friday, July 22, 2016

My wish for 2nd half 2016

Happy for the first time in this July 2016

22nd jul 2016
Friday. Somemore is on a friday. Than

It has been a roller coaster July for me. Like super rotting super depressing super viking ride, got high and low. To the point even eating super nice dinner on my birthday also couldnt feel the atmosphere.

I am someone who likes unresolved shit continue bothering my mind until at the end of the day, each day, until the day it is really resolved.

We managed to find a good replacement for 2nd day. Although barrier language ( cant speak chinese), there is nth i can hiam so far about him. Willing to learn, strong, gd manners, dun mind extra work at times or the hours, he is the one that has finally put a smile on my day for the first time in this birthday month of mine.

Yea, only 2nd day. Can't really tell. I just hope he can continue to grow with us. If he continues and is willing to learn, i'll make sure he won't be left behind when we start walking out of that thundercloud into the summer land.

I just wish ti gong will continue to bless us who treasure this business into the sunshine ahead of the slow market ahead.

I wish everything will just shun shun li li.

Mich is happy mentally for the first time in seemingly so long this july.

Happy birthday to me.



Saturday, July 16, 2016

Throw away, draim away, bin away your shit

16th jul 2016

Been draining and consulting S.

I best at consulting and make people see the best,

But towards myself i am harsh and i lock myself away as a fool.

I need to be strong for myself.

If i am not strong myself, how can i be a strong person in the eyes of people around me?

One at a time.

I believe fate will bless us with a great route ahead.


Friday, July 15, 2016

Just past birthday and already a rough bumpy week

15th July 2016
Fri, 1940hr.

Been a very rough week.
Just want to hibernate.

Dont stop, don give up.
Dont let depression eat u.

U eat the resistance.

I need to pull us out and better.


Monday, July 11, 2016

What is going wrong with me???????

11th jul 2016
Monday. 2119hr. 

Part of me dying. Dun want go back reality tomorrow.

Shoot me in the head.

I think i got depression.


Life is shit. I am going downhill

11th jul 2016.

Die mich.


Life is a bitch.

Y did the name jasper made me go into hibernating for almost past 7 days?

I think i am having a serious widthdrawal syndrome.

I shall move on.

M is just a piece of, dust.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Good talk with sis, i feel gd and motivated

2130, 1st Jul 2016

Chilling. Trying to get drunk, but 3 bottles quart tiger and a sake, i am still feeling sober now.

Must be my new tea that i have been taking for the past 5 days. Nb i feel still so sober.

Today is friday right? Well, no thank god. 1 big hiccup. He said he is quitting. Last day aka 31st jul. I sneered at him for choosing to leave me at this time.

That was in the

Went to supermarket and wanting to get my self fix 'drugs' so i can make myself feel better by forgetting everything, i bumped into my sister.

I tried to come up with a lame excuse that i was there to buy some bread(?!??!?!) And ended up, i bought 2 packs of wraps.

Anyway, ended up having a really nice chat with her and catching up for the night.

I am happy that ti gong choose to put me in a big family so that at least i will never feel alone.

But as being the eldest, i always wish i am a super big brother, (read: male, strong, stronger) wise and able to guide my siblings whenever they feel lost.

For me as a rotten woman, I just wish i can do it better at different instances.

I always treasure the relationships that i have.



Wednesday, June 15, 2016

1/2 week gone

15 june 2016.

Halfway there.

Sibeh tired.

Missing my crazy wednesday ladies nights back those years... abit.

So tired.